White Hot Kiss

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, #1)White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m a really tough reviewer right? I don’t give out 4 or 5 stars unless I really like something and would recommend it to others. So you know that when you read a 4 or 5 star review from me that I think it’s good, right? This is not one of those times. Sorry everyone, but I pulled this 4 star rating out of my butt because I’m honestly not all that sure how to rate this book.

Overall, I enjoyed it. The story was fun, the plot moved fast enough, and let’s be honest… the reason we all read Jennifer Armentrout books is for her relationships. Layla’s relationship with Roth was ace. But as I sat down to write this review, I realized I had more to say about what I hated than what I liked. SO THAT’S WHAT YOU GET, FRIENDS!

1. The mythology of White Hot Kiss is too complicated and not well explained. There seem to be an infinite number of demons. Every demon Layla encounters is different. I felt uninitiated, like I was never going to know the rules of the book. Roth seems to have an infinite number of powers that pop up whenever convenient.It would be convenient for Roth to be able to make he and Layla invisible here so he suddenly is able to do that.

2. There were some continuity issues for me. I didn’t think Armentrout was always clear as to what her characters were doing or what was happening in the book. All of a sudden I’ll be like “did Roth leave? I guess so” or “are they sitting next to each other? It didn’t say they are, but they have to be.”

3. Layla is a super weak female heroine. I kept hoping Armentrout would let her grow a pair, but she’s yet to really do so. Layla is a total damsel in distress at all times and it makes me crazy. This is the excerpt that really drove home how ditzy and incapable of anything Armentrout made her: “Nothing stood out more than a 1969 cherry-red impala. He’d let me drive it once, on my sixteenth birthday. Driving proved to be too much with all of the shimmery souls serving as an epix distraction. I’d rear-ended a police cruiser. I hadn’t gotten behind a wheel since. Yes, that’s right pretty things distract Layla so much that she cannot drive.

She also apologizes to men who don’t respect her constantly. Zayne is almost always a condescending douche-nozzle who treats he like a child. AND he isn’t even loyal. So why are you apologizing to him for things that are only sort of your fault? It was very hard to read these parts without throwing my kindle across the room. Layla was always being stomped on and manipulated by men who just want to use her.

4. Zayne = winter mint, Roth = sweet musk, Allison = nauseated

In conclusion, I’m not all that sure why I gave this 5 stars. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I think it’s the fact that I haven’t read and REALLY good books lately so it’s skewing my rating systen. Oh well… Sorry, not sorry.

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