The Summer of Chasing Mermaids

The Summer of Chasing MermaidsThe Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is my least favorite book. Ever.

Elyse was so whiny and pretentious I could barely take it. I’m in awe that I actually finished it. Everything about this was trying too hard. I absolutely hated it.

Here’s the thing: Elyse was written like she’s supposed to be this mysterious, beautiful, ethereal woman… At 17 year’s old. The book opens with this flowery, purple prose about how Elyse belongs to the sea, etc, etc, and has no control over her destiny, blah, blah, blah. It was painful. I should have known from that first eye roll that I was going to hate this and put the book down.

Elyse is beautiful and OMG SEXXXYYYYYYY. She was practically a celebrity back in Tobago because of course she was monumentally talented and could shake her “boomsie.” She’s also a hella talented poet, master sail-er, and activist. BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE IS! Elyse is so great and awesome and perfect. Everyone at the Cove thinks she is too even though she can’t speak for some reason which of course is hidden from the reader until the very end of the novel. Despite the fact that she can’t speak, makes a big show of feeling sorry for herself the entire book, and has no personality to speak of, everyone seems to think she’s the coolest- To the point where she tames the biggest playboy at the Cove.

Elyse also seems to have some kind of hero complex. She single-handedly wants to save the town’s youth from those who think boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink, young men from father’s who treat them badly, and the entire town from corporate developers. Elyse was written terribly. She was obnoxious. Not only is she full of sexy feminine mystique, she’ll solve all your daddy issues too! Give me a fucking break.

The book had a plot, but somehow managed to make all of the things that should have been major plot points be the most boring parts of the book. In addition, the progression was so slow that it took me almost 2 weeks to read this book. It never takes me 2 weeks to read a book. One of the major arcs of this book is that Christian and Elyse are trying to win a boat race, but this takes a backseat to all the other boring drivel this book touts. Boring. This book was just boring.

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