The Highland Wolf Pact

Highland Wolf PactHighland Wolf Pact by Selena Kitt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series is currently $.99 on kindle.

I’ve seen this series pop up on goodreads a couple of times and I didn’t think I was interested. It looked weird. Shape-shifters, 1500s, arranged marriage? Add to that combo the fact that a lot of Selena Kitt’s books are hardcore erotica and I knew this book was probably not for me. It had great reviews though, so I knew other people were enjoying it. That’s probably what tempted me when it popped up on my “eBook bargains” email. The entire trilogy for $.99? ANDDDD I have digital credits? So I bought it, it was free after using a credit, after all, and gave it a shot. I never put it down.

I read this entire book in one sitting.

This book has a lot of things going for it and I’m lazy… So here’s a list:

1. Super capable female protagonist. Her father taught her to do all kinds of useful things that women generally were not permitted to. Sybil can ride a horse, use a knife, track animals, navigate, use a bow and arrow, and is trained in first aid. As far as women in 1500ish England go, Sybil Blackthorne is a certified badass.

2. The blurb makes this book sound all alpha male, like the Hero just picks Sybil up and takes her back to his cave where he’ll basically force her to be his lady. This is not even close to what happens. Feminism is alive and well in the land of the wulvers. Raife never ever makes Sybil do anything she doesn’t want to do. He’s actually very sweet and kind to Sybil and everyone else. Raife turned out to be one of my favorite Heroes of the year.

3. The book is not actually very porn-y. Yes, there are a couple of sex scenes, but they’re in appropriate places and don’t take over. This book is actually more story than sex!!!

4. The story is actually good. The world building was pretty great. I loved the mix of historical and science fiction elements. Everything I had read about Selena Kitt made me think that strictly an erotica writer. I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m a little bummed that the next 2 books in the trilogy are not about Sybil and Raife. I fell so in love with them! Fortunately, Selena Kitt has showed me that she’s actaully a pretty good writer so I’m sure I’ll fall in love with Kristin and Donal just as much.

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