The Duet – Review

The DuetThe Duet by R.S. Grey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

ARC provided by RS Grey in exchange for an honest review.

I’m kind of bummed about this one guys. I have loved every one of RS Grey’s novels, but I only kind of enjoyed this one *hides*!

Brooklyn Heart’s record label is forcing her to write a duet with Jason Monroe. So it’s off to Montana to write on Jason’s ranch. Neither Brooklyn nor Jason are super into collaborating, but Jason seems to have trouble even acting civil. Obviously, this is a romance… So you know the rest.

The novel has a lot going for it. Gorgeous cover, unique take on an old idea, hot male love interest, sassy heroine, and a generally OK plot, but there are several big issues that kept me from really enjoying it.

1. The book was boring as all get out for the first 40%. I trudged through it. Up until that point- Brooklyn had boring sex, she called her sister, she meddled, she went to a meeting, she got on a plane. That’s about it. Then, at 50-69% little more happened, but it was still kind of boring. I wasn’t even into the sex scenes. They were super flat. Where’s the sizzle the author wrote in Stealing Wilder? The sex was super vanilla. Nothing really all that interesting happened until about 70% into the novel. Additionally, I found Brooklyn’s inner-monologue to be very grating- which is OK. I don’t necessarily have to like the main character to like the book- but Brooklyn reminded me of a high school kid who thinks she’s too cool for school.

2. The whole “Brooklyn meddles in Cammie’s life by trying to get her to talk to Grayson” drove me fracking insane. It was painfully obvious that the author was trying to set up a sequel, but it was just too much. The overt hints to something going on with Cammie and Grayson became really over the top. I get it… The next book is about them.

3. Here’s the big reason why I couldn’t get into this: the characterization was non-existent. It took about 60% in until I felt like I knew Brooklyn enough to get behind her. Unfortunately, she is the only character who wasn’t written completely two dimensionally. For almost the entire book, Jason Monroe is a total mystery. We know nearly nothing about him- and it doesn’t seem like Brooklyn does either. She thinks he’s hot and talented, but he’s a total mystery. I didn’t believe in their romance because it was like Brooklyn was trying to date a cardboard cut out. At about 85% in we get this giant info dump in the form of a phone call from a supporting character (this seemed to be her only purpose in the novel) that’s supposed to make Jason relate-able, but it was too little too late. Who was Jason Monroe? I have no idea and I hate that I have no idea.

Of the supporting characters I did like Cammie and Logan. Cammie was well-written and I think her personality was well established. I’ll read the subsequent novel because Grey did do a good job of making Cammie come to life. Logan was a cute addition and I would have liked to see more of him.

LuAnn was given a brief shot of life in the beginning of the novel. The author obviously intended her to be a sassy older woman, but that sassiness was quickly lost after her introduction to Brooklyn and she became a background character who seemed to lack a purpose and a personality. Derek… What was even the point of him? At all. I have no idea why he was included in the story.

I don’t know. I wanted to like this novel because it’s such a fresh idea for a story, but the lack to depth to the characters didn’t allow me to. So I give this 2.5 stars (rounded up to 3) because of the unique story idea, the gorgeous cover, and the fact that I found it mildly enjoyable. I’ve loved all of Grey’s books up until this point, but unfortunately this one didn’t blow my skirt up.

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