Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I hate the title of this book. As far as I’m concerned, there has never been a worse title than this one. Every time I read it or think it, I cringe. That’s why it took me so long to read this even when THREE different people recommended this to me. It’s $2.00 on Amazon right now, so I bit the bullet, I read it.

I did not have high expectations, but for the most part, this book rose above them. It’s surprisingly well written for NA. I found myself easily absorbed in the story and if I didn’t have 8,000 other things going on I’m sure I would have read this through in one sitting.

I LOVED Ansel. He was sweet and passionate. I loved how he followed his heart and was so sure of his decisions. I wish there were 3 more books about Ansel and 3 different women so I could decide which one I think deserves him.

I didn’t like Mia at all. There was really nothing about her that I can rightfully complain about. She just wasn’t my type of character. I didn’t like how insecure she was and how she avoided things. I didn’t like how she needed all of these crutches to be honest with Ansel and how she wasn’t confident sexually unless she was wearing a costume and pretending to be someone else. I didn’t like that she had no spine and ran away from her problems instead of facing them head on. I understand that there are likely people like this and I’m not saying this is bad. I’m saying that I didn’t like it as the personality of my book heroines.

There’s a billion trillion sex scenes in this book. They’re really well written and EXTREMELY hot, but damn it, I wanted a little more plot. This is the reason why I’m rating it down 1.5 stars, because there was just too much sex. I would have rated it down more, but at the end of the book the characters acknowledge that they use sex as a crutch so I almost felt like the sex scenes were deliberately too many so I’m able to somewhat let it go.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue with the Wild Seasons series, but for $2.00 this was definitely a good read.

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