Stay with Me (Wait for You, #3)

Stay with Me (Wait for You, #3)Stay with Me by J. Lynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Based on all the other ranting and raving I do on this site, I really should have hated this book, but something about Jennifer Armentrout’s writing just always works for me. I have no idea what it is, but somehow she can take a completely outrageous plot- I’m talking totally out of control- and somehow make it seem like it could happen in real life. SOMEHOW she uses approximately 8,000 pet names and I don’t really feel the need to bitch about it extensively in this review.

This premise of this book was totally crazy for a contemporary. Calla’s mom takes out a bunch of loans and credit cards in Calla’s name and ruins her credit. Calla is forced to go home and sort it out. Also… Drug cartels and danger.

The worst part of this book wasn’t even the pet names or ridiculous plot. The worst part of it actually had nothing to do with THIS STORY. It was all of the characters from the previous books that seemingly had no reason (at all!) to be included in this story. Every time Avery, Cam, Teresa, or Jase appeared I just wanted them to go away. (GTFO unnecessary nod to other successful novels!)

But anyway, this book was very enjoyable. Jax was dreamy, dreamy. WAY dreamy. Calla wasn’t too annoying. The pacing was good. I would definitely recommend this book for when you’re in the mood for a straight NA romance.

*Personal note: this book was a little weird to read for me because my husband and I want to name our hypothetical daughter Calla and our last name is VERY VERY close to Fritz. A little weird.

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