Roommates (Roommates, #1) by Erin Leigh, Tara Brown

Roommates (Roommates, #1)Roommates by Erin Leigh
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There were so many things off about this book. It wasn’t bad, really, but it definitely wasn’t good.

1. SO. MUCH. SLUT-SHAMING. All of the girls who like sex in this book are sluts and whores. To be fair, Brady is called a slut too, but why can’t everyone just like sex? Why do they have to be sluts?

2. Transphobia and homophobia. This was perplexing to me, because there’s a point in the book where the characters are discussing whether someone is gay and one of the minor characters says “not to break up bigot hour.” So apparently the author knew she was writing in these scenes of transphobia and homophobia and chose to do it anyway. Why? I understand trying to write your characters a certain way- you want Brady and his friends to be assholes, but there are so many other ways to make someone an asshole that I don’t think it’s necessary to use something that we’re still struggling with as a society.

3. This book employs my least favorite trope. The “not like other girls” trope.

“Her name is Natalie Banks and we don’t mock her or treat her like a PF, ever. She’s best friends with Sami Ford, obviously, but she’s way cooler than just that. While she’s crazy hot and super fun, she’s also a ninja. She can play NHL 16 better than any of us. She laughs at dirty shit, eats pizza, and not just one slice, drinks beer, and yeah-she’s perfect. If I were you I’d just marry her and end it there. Get it over with. There’s no denying she’s the best chick in the world. She even works and has a degree and takes care of herself. There’s just no fault.”

This is what I want to know: what is so wrong with other women that being “not like other women” has become a good thing? What’s the alternative? Being like a man. OK, that’s fine too. It’s fine to like video games and pizza and to swear, but it’s also fine to like makeup and the color pink and romantic movies. I don’t get why this is a cool, popular, thing. There’s nothing wrong with women. It’s OK to be like other women.

4. This book need an editor. Badly. This book uses the phrase “sew your oats” 6 times. Sew. SEW.

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