RoomiesRoomies by Lindy Zart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am giving this 4 stars because I 4 stars liked it. It was a fun read. If I gave this book a star rating based on actual reasons I would probably give it a 2, but I’m not because I’m the boss of this shit.

Kennedy is the most annoying, obnoxious main character I have ever encountered. She’s THE WORST. I hated her so much that I almost liked her. I was definitely rooting for her to get a great guy because, let’s be honest, a guy who actually likes her and is great like Graham is probably not going to come around again. Kennedy needed to dial it back a couple of notches.

The love triangle was stupid. It was obvious the whole time who she was going to choose- which is probably the only reason I could tolerate it at all.

Additionally, I cannot believe that this is how adults act. These characters are 23-27 and act like they’re in high school. The will they/won’t they drags out for nearly the entire book because 1) everyone is an idiot who can’t read social cues and body language and take hints 2)won’t just say what they mean. In real life, this book would have been over in like 3 chapters.

The author misused “moot point” 3 times. Granted, this is a common mistake, buttttttt… Am I an asshole because I want authors to know what words mean?

Kennedy is annoying as all get out, but she’s fracking hilarious. She had me laughing over and over again.

There’s a lot of issues with this book and a lot of it really peeved me, but it’s super fun and I read it in one sitting. So 4 stars because I liked you, not because you deserve them!

One more thing, if you’re reading this and waiting for Graham and Kennedy to finally just do it, don’t hold your breath. It doesn’t ever happen. I’m pretty pissed at Zart for never giving me the sexy sex scene I was waiting for!

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