Rebel Belle (Rebel Belle, #1)

Rebel Belle (Rebel Belle, #1)

author: Rachel Hawkins
name: Crazy. Something. Maybe.
average rating: 3.97
book published: 2014
rating: 2
read at: 2014/06/25
date added: 2014/06/26
shelves: fantasy, fiction, young-adult
If I had to review this in one word, it would be “weak.” This book is WEAK.


The idea for this is pretty cute. It’s pretty much a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and King Arthur. Actually, it may borrow from Buffy a little too much, but regardless, I very much expected to like this book, but it fails on almost all fronts.

The world building in this is nonexistent. ESPECIALLY if this is going to be a series. The author did the absolute bare-minimum to set up the world. I just kept waiting and waiting for Hawkins to open it up. She never does. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments (regardless of your feelings about it)- those books have worlds that are fully developed. You start to understand the rules and what can happen in the fantasy world. Not with Rebel Belle. I have so many damn questions about Rebel Belle’s world my head is spinning.

Here is what I know about the world:
1. Mages
2. Oracle
3. Ephors
4. Paladins

Here is what I don’t know:
1. Basically everything else. I started to write a list of all of the questions I have, got to 7, realized it was going to go on forever and deleted it.

The characters were well-developed and there was no insta-love, but those are really the only nice things I have to say about this book.

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