Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1) by Kasie West

Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)Pivot Point by Kasie West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Does this book deserve the 5 stars I gave it? Mehhhh. Probably not. There’s a lot wrong with it. Let’s be real, if I was writing a review for an english class the first thing I would point out is the total and complete lack of world building. I mean none. None at all. It sucks. Buttttttt (I feel like I say this all the time) I’m the boss of reviews and I enjoyed the hell out of this so it gets 5 stars.

So yeah, something about this really appealed to me. I’m not sure why I liked it so much. It had a unique premise> I surprisingly didn’t have a hard time keeping the parallel possible paths straight. I found the main character, Addie, super likable. The supporting characters were engaging. And at the end, when Addie had to make her choice, I felt so horrible for her and wanted to reach out and hug her.

So yeah, I liked this 5 stars worth for probably superficial reasons that I can’t totally quantify, but that’s the way it is sometimes.

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