Perfect Summer (The Lone Stars #1)

Perfect Summer (The Lone Stars #1)

author: Katie Graykowski
name: Crazy. Something. Maybe.
average rating: 3.83
book published: 2013
rating: 1
read at: 2014/03/19
date added: 2014/08/29
shelves: dnf, famous, fiction, hell-no, insta-love, new-adult, rich-kid, romance, sports, wtf, worst-books-ever
This was one of the most annoying books I’ve ever (almost) read. Get ready for me to RAGE-review this because it made me furious. No clue where to even start so I’m just going to break it down:

Why in the world is the Lilly/Davis subplot included? I have zero interest in reading about someone’s mom’s love life. I feel like I was kind of tricked into this. I read the first couple of “Lilly chapters” and then decided I didn’t care enough and completely skipped them. I know I am an asshole, but I am 26 and want to read books about young, attractive people. This book gave me no indication that it would include a subplot about a 50 year old bitch in lingerie and I refuse to be tricked into reading about one.

At first, I really liked Clint. Clint was hot. I was imagining this:

(No clue who this person is, but I googled “hot nfl players” and agreed with the internet’s assessment of this man’s attractiveness.)

Thennnnnnnn Clint is described as tucking his OU tshirt into his jeans and he immediately became this:

(Peyton Manning. DO.NOT.WANT.)

Yuck. Now it’s like I’m reading about someone’s dad having dirty sex. No thank you. No longer hot.

There is not a woman in this world who is actually attractive who is as insecure as Summer is. WHAT. THE. FRACK? She whines and whines and whines about how ugly and fat she is and over and over and over again Clint tells her how beautiful she is and how hot everyone else thinks she is.

Sample conversation:
Summer: Ohh my gawd, Clint. I’m soooo ugly. I look soooo fat.
Clint: Summer, you’re so hot. I love your boobs. That guy is eye screwing you and that guy is eye screwing you and that guy is too!

I got so sick of Clint telling her that other men are eye screwing her that I wanted to jump into the book and do this:

She is so unsure that she’s attractive that I’M SURE that Summer must actually be a dog and Clint is trolling her. No woman who is supposedly that hot has ZERO idea that she’s attractive. Any woman who is even remotely NOT HIDEOUS is shown SOME attention at some point in her life. This book is written as if no one has ever paid Summer a compliment. In fact, it’s as if every man she has ever encountered has insulted her appearance. Because that’s really the only way I can think of that a woman would be so obnoxiously self-deprecating. Good Lord, at first it was sad and cute, but then it became more and more infuriating. Slowly, I began to hate Summer.

To be honest, I haven’t actually finished the book at this point and am hoping that something awful happens to her. Because all of her whining and self-pity and insecurity is no longer worthy of my sympathy. I AM NOW FURIOUS AND FULL OF HATE AND RAGE.

Oh my Morgan Freeman. I CANNOT TAKE ONE MORE SINGLE SECOND OF THIS. Is there a contest for most annoying literary character? Can I nominate Summer Ames? Can the prize be that every book with her written in it is burned in a giant bonfire on live TV?


UGHHHHH. I hate myself. I finished it. It didn’t get better. Kill me.

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