Love Show

Love ShowLove Show by Audrey Bell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love Show is the story of Hadley Arrington. She’s the over-worked editor of her college’s newspaper and hell bent on scoring a job in combat journalism right out of college. Her parents are more than dysfunctional so she vows not to ever have a boyfriend and NEVER fall in love. Enter: Jack Diamond, duh, because this is a romance novel.

Generally when the male love interest is introduced the story becomes all about the couple and their relationship. This book didn’t. Love Show is all about Hadley. It’s about her life and her growth and her experiences. It doesn’t become about Jack just because he is introduced into the story. Sure, Jack is a great character, but JUST ENOUGH is revealed about him so that the reader understands why Hadley likes him. We do not know Jack Diamond. He only exists when he is interacting with Hadley. This was SUPER refreshing to me. I haven’t read a book like this before. Jack and Hadley don’t fight because of things Jack does when Hadley isn’t around. No one is ever telling Hadley that Jack did this or that. There isn’t any miscommunication about things Jack does when he isn’t with Hadley. BECAUSE THIS BOOK ISN’T ABOUT JACK. I can’t get over this. I think it’s so cool how the author did this and still managed to make him a 3-dimensional character.

Audrey really set herself up for a second book (I hope). I ABSOLUTELY want to know Jack’s story. I want to know what he was doing all of time when he wasn’t with Hadley. His interests and hobbies and goals and etc are never discussed. I HATED Walking Disaster. Beautiful Disaster was a good read, but its sequel seemed unnecessary to me. We already knew Travis. He was present in the first book. It was ABOUT him too. After finishing Love Show, all I can think about is Jack and how I want to know him better. I hope Audrey writes his story.

The book was also very well researched. I never doubted that Ms. Bell knew what she was talking about. Combat Journalism isn’t something I’ve read much about, but it was very well done.

I would have given this book 5 stars, but the ending was a little BLAH to me. It was pretty cheesy. I wish it would have had as much substance as the rest of the book did.

Annnnnndddd there are major plot points in this that were sort of glossed over and swept under the rug without resolution. They could be resolved in a Jack Diamond POV sequel? 

IT WAS F-ing HILARIOUS. Incredibly funny. The dialogue between the characters had me laughing hysterically. I never do this, but here are my favorite quotes:

“Maybe they do. Maybe every stupid person you know cancels out every smart person you know and every good person you know cancels out every evil person you know.”

“That’s right. That’s probably why everyone forgot about Jesus and Hitler, and just remembers their un-cancelled out contemporaries Average Jane and Average Joe,” I said.


“What? It’s ridiculous. Control your emotions. Can you imagine if criminals went around saying they fell into hatred or jealousy and that’s why they killed four people or robbed the bank? We act like love is this uncontrollable thing. But when it comes to anger and all of that ugly stuff, we’re expected to control it. We’re supposed to handle those emotions without hurting anyone. But throw out the word ‘love’ and everyone thinks all of the rules should go right out the window and who can help it if someone gets hurt? It’s absurd and it’s degrading, honestly, that we expect people to control themselves except for when it comes to wanting to sleep with someone.”


David grinned. “You don’t need to share. There are enough carbohydrates for an army here.”
“I am an army,” Jack replied. He gave me a sharky look and I took a bite of pancakes, rolling my eyes.


“You like beer? I got one for you, because I’m the type of person who makes assumptions.”


He laughed and I did too, it was funny and horribly painful and deeply aching all at once. Like the laughter echoed and because of that you knew you were hollow.


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