Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss, #3)

Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss, #3)

author: Stephanie Perkins
name: Crazy. Something. Maybe.
average rating: 4.37
book published: 2014
rating: 4
read at: 2014/08/22
date added: 2014/08/22
shelves: best-book-boyfriends, coming-of-age, contemporary, emo, fiction, high-school, insta-love, insta-sex, romance, young-adult
I am begrudgingly giving this book 4 stars. It was fine, but I also hated it. It is, without a doubt, my least favorite book in this series.

This is not going to be so much a review as it’s going to be a ranty list that I compare to my life. I’m about to make this about me. You’ve been warned.

It took a really long time for me to reconcile the Josh in this book with the Josh of Lola and Anna. He just seemed completely different in this one to me. The Josh in Lola and Anna was less severe. He was quiet, he was unassuming, and he was almost meek. The Josh in Isla is a leading man. He’s self assured, he knows what he wants, and he’s brave. Even his physical appearance seemed different. I hadn’t imagined Josh as this tall, dark, and handsome type. Josh seemed like a boy to me in the previous books, not a man like in this one.

Isla and Josh are a terrible couple. You know why? Because they’re both fracking crazy. Josh is this overly emotional artist type (AKA, my first boyfriend) and Isla is a neurotic mess with low self esteem (AKA me at 16). This relationship would crash and burn in 6 months- tops. You can’t have 2 crazy people in a relationship. You just can’t. They just create an endless loop of drama. One person has to be the anchor. I am neurotic, easily frustrated, and I have a short fuse (I am also very self-assured. AKA no longer a teenager). My husband is exactly the opposite of that. So while I am going ballistic because traffic is bad and we’re only going to be 15 minutes early to the movie, my husband is calmly driving the car and refusing to acknowledge the insanity I’m spewing. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE CRAZY PERSON PER RELATIONSHIP.

I wanted to shake Isla and tell her to snap out of it. When I was 16 my mother told me something that deeply affected me. I had just been dumped by my overly emotional artist type boyfriend and I was going through a period of super low self esteem. She said, “you’re never going to be any younger or any more beautiful than you are now. The world is never going to be any more open to you than it is now. You’re never going to have more opportunity to decide who you are than you do now. You can do anything and be anything. Enjoy it. Don’t waste your time being insecure. This is who you are and it’s as good as it’s going to get. Embrace it.” This GREATLY affected my view of myself. Isla needs to have a talk with my mom because she annoyed the shit out of me.

Things Isla does:
1. Obsesses over a boy without talking to him because why would he like her?
2. [spoilers removed]
3. Is a jerk to people who love her (Kurt and Hattie).

Things Isla does not do:
1. Make decisions.
2. Love herself.
3. Have adult conversations with her significant other regarding her fears and issues.

But there’s no love triangle! Woo hoo!

Additionally, the beginning of this book is a lot to take. Josh and Isla are so over the top innnn lovvvvveeeeeee that it was like Perkins spliced together every “aw” scene from every rom-com ever. If I were to read 1 chapter of the beginning of this book every day it would probably be my favorite ever because the scenes are so romantic and dreamy. But together? Together it’s almost cheesy. I kind of wanted to vomit a couple of times.

But overall, this was a pretty good read and I’m glad I spent the $11. I think people who are less put off by the characters will really enjoy it. Josh and Isla are just too people that I would likely really dislike in real life so I had a hard time getting past it.

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