For Real

For RealFor Real by Alison Cherry

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It wasn’t that this book wasn’t good. It was pretty good, but it wasn’t what I was expecting based on the blurb. It’s not a romance. If you’re looking for a travel the globe on a reality show romance, you’re going to be sorely disappointed like I was.

This book wants to be about sisterly bonding or whatever, but I had a lot of issues with the way the older sister (Miranda) acted towards the younger sister and main character (Claire). My sister and I are the same age difference these characters are and I would never treat her as terribly as Miranda treated Claire.

This is why the epilogue felt so unsatisfying. Not only does Claire not get the guy, but you (at least I didn’t) don’t get the sense that the sisters’ relationship has actually improved on any real level. A set of grand gestures isn’t enough.

All in all, this novel is pretty weak on every point. The character development is lacking when it comes to everyone but Claire, the entire premise of the reality show is amazingly cheesy, and none of the relationships, platonic or romantic, are satisfying on any level.

So while I didn’t hate reading this book, I definitely don’t recommend it.

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