Falling by Design

Falling by Design (Falling, #1)Falling by Design by Valia Lind

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I’m going to start this review now because this may end up being a DNF for me… For only one reason:


Brooklynn (ugh) doesn’t have a single conversation- NOT ONE- with her best friends, Chance (ugh) and Dakota (ugh), where they aren’t trying to force her to date her former bully, Grayson (ugh).

What kind of friends are these? They are relentless. Over and over again Brooklynn tells them that he made her life miserable for years and she’s not interested in associating with him, but her friends keep pushing and keep pushing. If I were Brooklynn, I would be absolutely livid by now that they keep pressuring me. Honestly, I’d probably tell them that unless they’re going to stop harassing me, I’m done talking to them because the amount of pressure they put on Brooklynn constantly IS harassment.

It is literally every chapter that one or the other is telling Brooklynn to give Grayson a chance. It’s redundant and annoying.

This is the only book I have on this “reading format” (which is the only thing I can read on at all at this moment in time) right now so we’ll see how much more of this gets read.

It’s free on Amazon, but I don’t recommend it at all at this point.

(OMG those names. Leave it to Jay Crownover, Valia!)

EDIT 9/29/2014: DNF @ 69% This book is terrible. It is my only reading option right now and I would literally rather sit here and do nothing than read another word of this mess.

The Infinite Sea (The Fifth Wave #2)

The Infinite Sea (The Fifth Wave #2)The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Here’s another book where I’m in the minority. Everyone is raving about this and I feel like I missed something. I just didn’t think it was a worthy follow-up to The Fifth Wave.

A lot of the words in this book just seemed… Kind of EXTRA. The overall story was good, but it was like Yancey was trying to trick me into thinking this book was some kind of deep, poignant, earth-shattering narrative by stringing a bunch of pretty words together.

It seemed like it was trying too hard. The redundant I am humanity. I am humanity. etc. etc. was silly to me. All of the emo psycho-babble and flowery descriptions confused the crap out of me. I got lost in the words. I genuinely feel like I need to re-read this book because I’m not sure I fully grasp what happened in it- especially what went down with Ringer and Razor. WTF was that BS?- because there were so many unnecessary words in it that I’m not sure I properly decoded them. It was like I was reading 1 paragraph, throwing out the words that were just there to be pretty, and then reprocessing. It was exhausting.

After you get rid of all of the rambling pretty words, I feel like very little actually happened in this novel. At just 300 pages, the book could have easily summed everything it need to up on 200.

Overall, I found this to be a very weak second installment to the trilogy. While, I’ll definitely read the third, I’m not overly excited about it. I’ll read it when I get around to it because I’m not quite certain it won’t be a total let down 🙁