Bound (Fire on Ice, #1)

Bound (Fire on Ice, #1)

author: Brenda Rothert
name: Crazy. Something. Maybe.
average rating: 4.03
book published: 2013
rating: 2
read at: 2014/07/15
date added: 2014/07/16
shelves: famous, fiction, mental-illness, insta-love, new-adult, psychology, rich-kid, predatory-creep, sports, trope-a-dope
Ok. I gave this a 2. I did. I had to. I liked it. I did. I liked this book. It was a good contemporary romance, but damn, it was just so whiny.

At first, I got it, something terrible happened to each of you and you’re grieving and coping, etc. But as the book progressed to have everything CONSTANTLY going back to the tragedies that had happened to the MCs years ago was annoying.

Kate was worst of all. Here she is:

So yeah, I liked this book. It was one of the better contemporary romances I’ve read lately (which isn’t a lot because I’ve been on a PRN/fantasy kick). BUT there were quite a few eyeroll moments and Kate’s constant whining really turned me off.

I likely won’t read the sequels unless they’re free on kindle 🙁

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