Act Like It by Lucy Parker

Act Like ItAct Like It by Lucy Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this. Act Like It is a well done slow burn romance. The pacing is steady and I was engaged the entire time. I’ve read a lot of new adult novels so I was glad to see that despite a rather formulaic plot, the author allows the characters to keep their personalities and the difficult hero doesn’t act completely lobotomized by love. Don’t you hate that? I hate that! When the whole premise is that the hero is an ass (or arse, in this case), but as soon as he meets the heroine he’s the nicest guy in the world? In Act Like It, Richard retains his arse-ness and is simply tempered by the heroine.

I don’t really have a whole bunch to say about this. It wasn’t my favorite new adult romance, but it was definitely enjoyable. I didn’t roll my eyes once while reading it. There were times that it was a little too British for me and I had no idea what the characters were saying, but I was mostly able to figure it out (except for the epilogue. So British. I had no fracking clue what was happening.).

This is rather tropey ((view spoiler)), but it somehow comes off well done and tolerable. I never once thought this book was silly or cliche. I very much liked it.

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