About me:

993536I was born and raised in Northwest Florida and spent a lot of time at the beach as a teenager, chasing a tan. Now I wear sunscreen every day in an attempt to live forever.

I have always loved music and listen to it almost every hour of the day. I am a crossfitter and a runner. I love makeup, shopping, and coffee.

I attended UCF in Orlando and have a degree in political science. By day I’m an eCommerce manager for a company that sells military, police, and tactical supplies. I’m a Minarchist and believe in very few (if any) laws. My husband is a web developer, Voluntaryist, and former Libertarian US Congressional candidate. We have one cat and no children.



Rating System:

5 stars: Re-readable/purchased physical copy/added to favorites shelf.
4 stars: I really enjoyed reading it, but the book didn’t meet any of the criteria for a 5 star rating. I probably had some minor peeves as well.
3 stars: Enjoyable, but lots of peeves or didn’t make much of an impression.
2 stars: I hated it, but wouldn’t have rather cleaned all of the litter boxes at the animal shelter than have read it.
1 star: Book was irredeemable. I wish it was never written.